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I wish you a wonderful new year full of inspiration and happiness!

I have a RedBubble account now! Take a look here

Here are some currets WIP's I'm working on.
It's a digital painting! I'm a bit stuck right now, since I'm working on this piece for so long. 
This is almost finished!

I'm planning to do a series too, but don't know if I will find the inspiration nor the time to complete that task.

More to come soon!

Here I will share my thougths and my projects and works. I will post some WIP's too. But this little corner of mine will not be just a place for my art, it will be for everything I want to share with you.
I hope you find something interesting here.

Something about me:
I'm from Spain, I'm 21 and I'm student. I love creating art, it's my way to express my feelings. I have loved it since I can remember.
I discovered digital art in 2007, and then I started to try it by myself with Daz Studio. Later I fell in love with Potoshop, and it became my better friend :) My tools of the trade are Photoshop, Poser and a graphic tablet.
I love reading. And travelling, and discovering new things. I like music and nature.
That's all for now. I hope I will have the time to update this blog often.